Walking up that hill

Misha Mars geometric camellia

A geometric camellia found on my walk.

Now that the weather is sunnier, I've been walking up and down the steep hills of my neighborhood for exercise and taking photos along the way. I like to get close up to things and have been known to trespass into people's yards! I'm always on the lookout for intricate patterns that you can find in nature.

I've been working on some new art that's inspired by bismuth crystals and the king protea flower. I find these forms intriguing and they work well with laser cutting and airbrushing. For the king protea, I'm using a lot of tints and shades to add depth. For the bismuth design, I'm using analogous colors in stripes for a layered look.

I'm including some photos of my progress so far. Stay tuned for my next newsletter to see the finished results!

Misha Mars art blue protea process

This blue king protea was my first attempt at airbrushing many layers of wood.


Misha Mars king protea magenta process

Here are the next two king proteas I finished. I do like analogous colors!

Misha Mars art red bismuth process

This is the first bismuth piece I made. It has five layers of cut plywood that I stacked to give it depth.

misha mars art process bismuth red

You can see the layers a little bit better in this photo. The white piece will soon be painted green.


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