Transcendental Spring

saguro cactus blooming
A saguaro cactus starting to bloom

Spring is arriving and I'm looking forward to sunnier weather and more color outside. I've been reading about the artist David Hockney and how he painted spring around his house in 2020. He painted the same nature scenes over and over but with slight differences (dawn, dusk, rain, sun). I think I would get bored documenting the same subject matter repeatedly but I do see the value in really looking at your surroundings and not taking it for granted. 

I've also been reading about the Transcendental Painter Group. They were a group of painters in New Mexico in the late 1930s and had a very different approach to painting. They were inspired by the high desert landscape but they also drew inspiration from their own minds and the collective unconscious. The results were some beautiful organic paintings with a spiritual edge. I think this approach is closer to what I'm trying to achieve. I'm inspired by nature but I don't want to just paint it as is. I'm more interested in interpreting nature.

I currently have two new pieces in the works. One has biomorphic shapes suspended in space and the other has some wonky stars inspired by Miró. I've been getting better with the airbrush and I have almost perfected painting gradients. I'm also laser cutting shapes and "floating" them on top of the painting for a hover effect.  

misha mars art blobs

misha mars art stars

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