The second half of life

banana art in Portland

Banana art in Portland

I'm approaching a mid-life milestone and it has me thinking about the future and the second half of life. There's only so much time left and I want to make it meaningful! Aside from that, I'm researching what I want to work on next. I'm sketching a lot and reading books about shape and ornamentation. 

  • Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life discusses the soul work necessary for making our lives meaningful in the dark woods of middle age. 
  • Everything is F*cked  won't make you feel better about how things currently are but it's an interesting take on how to accept what is and thrive anyway.
  • The Courage to Create seems like the book that most of the current creativity books are based on. 
  • The Grammar of Ornament is a beautifully illustrated book on the history of ornament from African, Egyptian, Greek, Islamic, Chinese, and Italian sources.
  • Shape Grammars is based on the Sol LeWitt concept "the idea becomes the machine that makes the art." The author used generative design to program a system that can draw an unlimited number of graphical shapes. 
  • David Chang's Eat a Peach is a good read right before bed. 
  • I'm excited to see Miranda July's Kajillionaire this weekend. 
  • TV shows worth watching: Raised by Wolves, Dietland, Devs, and You're the Worst.
The goal of life is not happiness but meaning.
—James Hollis
By the creative act we are able to reach beyond our own death.
—Rollo May

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