Studio Hibernation

A rare sunny day at Seward Park

I feel like I'm hibernating. I haven't been out much and I've been hunkered down in my studio making a lot of artwork. I'm also changing up my art process. I used to work with multiple layers of colored paper sort of like a screen printing process. But now I'm cutting individual pieces of paper and placing them by hand. It's more labor intensive that way but it saves a lot of paper. It's actually not hard to do if I'm just making one of each design.

I was really inspired by my trip to Arizona last fall and I have all these photos of cacti and mesquite trees that I'm converting into sketches and then art. I like the geometric aspects of my art but I also want to include my love of nature in these pieces. The end result is turning into structured art that has some idiosyncrasies of nature built into it.

Misha Mars art

 A work in progress based on leaf morphology.  

Misha Mars art

Another work in progress inspired by cattails and manna grass.

Misha Mars art

More work in progress inspired by mesquite trees.

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