Quiet Persistence

misha mars trail

Escape to the cabin. 

It's been quiet around here. I've been reading about a simpler life and Agnes Martin. She took solitude to the extreme by moving to the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. I see value in her methods. It can be hard to do your own work when you're constantly surrounded by other people and their ideas.

For my own art, I've been working on contrasting organic shapes with rigid structures and then layering on vibrant colors and gradients. I've also happily discovered airbrushing again! I've found it really useful for covering complex shapes with paint. Airbrushes are also great for creating gradients. I actually painted my first gradients by hand (I don't recommend it). 

Matt and I headed down to the Oregon coast last week for some RnR and quiet cabin time. At the cabin, I had a lot of time to mull things over, sketch, and come back with a bunch of new ideas to work on.


misha mars art lichens

Artwork in progress based on lichens.

misha mars art lily pads

Artwork in progress based on lily pads.


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