Ocean fireball

Oceanside, OR

Oceanside, OR

A couple of weeks ago I headed out to the Oregon coast to escape the city for a while. Our cabin was hand-built and rickety but it had a beautiful view of the ocean. I enjoyed walking on the beach every day at low tide. Since then, things have been fairly uneventful. Most places are on lockdown here in Seattle and the weather is the usual cold, gray, and wet.

The good news is that I've been making good progress on my laser cut posters! Here's a shot of my first piece in the works. Getting all of those paper layers to line up correctly is quite the challenge...

If one strives for a sort of enlightened imperfection and stops beating oneself over the head for every transgression, life can seem almost tolerable.
—Roger Rosenblatt
Certainty is a closing of the mind. To create something new you must have doubt.
—Milton Glaser

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