My punk rock business

Michelle Mars lightning bolts

Bolt earrings before polishing

I've been busy in the studio making my new designs for winter. I'm finally figuring out my process and making some good progress. You can see a few process photos and videos up in my Instagram stories. I should have everything up for sale on this site by the end of November. Sign up to the Redshine newsletter to be notified first when that happens.

In the meantime, here's what's inspiring me:

  • On a recent trip to Tacoma, I picked up YES–Life is Waiting. Are you Ready? by Kobi Yamada. I really enjoy the illustration style of this book and revisit it often for fresh inspiration.
  • I just re-read Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic. I love the way she describes the idea of having a genius instead of being one. Her TED Talk does a good job of summing this up.
  • I'm loving the second season of Abstract: the Art of Design. So far, my favorite episodes are about Cas Holman (toy design) and Ruth Carter (costume design).
  • If a drug existed that gave you unlimited mental capacity would you take it? The movie Limitless explores this question and then some.
  • I enjoyed the Aaron Draplin interview on the Know Ideas podcast. I especially liked his comments about starting a punk rock business...
What punk rock taught me…you can do your own sh*t and have your own license to it. It might not be big. It might never ever be anything. But it’s real and it’s yours and it’s awesome.
–Aaron Draplin

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