Love walks

love walks

finding love on a walk

I've been putting off this post because of all of the uncertainty right now. I pass my days working on art and going for walks around the neighborhood. I've decided to accept our current reality because, well, I have no control over it other than staying home and staying sane.

I'm also keeping busy by learning how to frame art. Now I can frame all of those prints I've purchased over the years as well as my own art. It's surprisingly easy and inexpensive if you can wade through the awkward frame websites to get what you need.

Recent inspiration

  • The best site I've found for making your own frames is They're located in Portland and are currently shipping to customers.
  • The LA Art Book Fair was canceled but the Sigrid Calon Riso book is still available for sale. It's full of gorgeous Risograph geometric prints. 
  • Emma is a wonderful movie and a welcome distraction.
  • I enjoyed the Unorthodox mini-series about a woman who escapes her Orthodox Jewish life to study music in Berlin.
  • If you're a fan of Drag Race, you'll like Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts. Another great distraction is the Trixie and Katya show UNHhhh on YouTube.
  • I put off reading Man's Search for Meaning because I thought it would be too depressing but it actually made me more grateful for my own life.
  • I read How to be an Artist in one day. Not bad, but it made me want to re-read Art & Fear.
  • The Leslie Jones: Time Machine special was buried in my Netflix feed but I found it. That woman is hilarious. 
It is well known that humor... can afford an aloofness and an ability to rise above any situation, even if only for a few seconds.
—Viktor E. Frankl
Tell your own story and you will be interesting.
—Louise Bourgeois

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