Kinetic spring

Kubota Gardens blossoms

Spring blossoms at Kubota Garden

It's been three years since I started writing this newsletter. I find the newsletter format so rewarding. I like writing about what I'm working on and sharing cool things that I've found without all the baggage of social media. Thanks for continuing to read it and I hope you're finding it useful.

I've been reading a lot lately which has inspired me to start writing again. I wrote a new blog post about not quitting your art that has some tips on staying motived on projects that don't necessarily have a deadline. 

  • One of my current favorite artists is Victor Vasarely. He's known mostly for making "op art" but he preferred the term "kinetic art." Two great books about his work are The Birth of Op Art and In the Labyrinth of Modernism.
  • Artist J Margulis's work involves cutting a lot of pieces of acrylic into trippy wall sculptures. 
  • When Things Fall Apart is the first book I've read by Buddhist nun Pemba Chodron and has some great advice on living in difficult times. 
  • The Antidote is an interesting read about how constantly chasing happiness makes us miserable. 
  • A few new albums that I'm loving right now: Now is a Long Time by Otzeki, Isles by Bicep, and Deadbeat Meets the Mole.
  • Barb & Star is one of funniest movies I've seen in a while. You can't watch it and still be in a bad mood. 
  • Arc of Aleutia is a beautiful documentary on the lengths people will go to surf the perfect wave. 
Real happiness might be dependent on being willing to face and tolerate insecurity and vulnerability.
—Oliver Burkeman
If you want to find the meaning, stop chasing after so many things.
—Ryōkan Taigu

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