Dream of the 1890s

misha mars starfire orchid

A starfire orchid in the wild

I recently got back from a trip to Maui where I visited a couple of botanical gardens. There was such a variety of lush vegetation that it was almost overwhelming. On top of that, there were all these cute geckos and lizards running around. I'm thinking my next series of art will include a lot of flowers and plant life with the occasional insect or lizard hanging out.

I've been finishing up some art as well! I experimented with different subjects and styles quite a bit this year and I'm excited by how things are progressing. So far, all of my art revolves around nature with a techno edge. Chroma Clouds (top) is my favorite painting so far. I airbrushed 85! separate gradients to give it a luminous effect. Unicellular (lower left) was inspired by single-celled organisms floating in a colorful ocean. Cactus Totems (lower right) was one of the first paintings I finished and I quite like the mid-century color scheme and bold lines.  All three have laser-cut wood pieces that are elevated above the panel for a 3D effect.

misha mars art 2023

Finished art propped up on my 80s fireplace

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