Color Recovery

Deception Pass

Tiny islands at Deception Pass.

I realize it's been a while since I last wrote. I had a bad bout of COVID last month and I'm still feeling the effects. The good news is that I got a lot of reading done and I started working with some new art materials! I'm done working with paper (for now) and I've switched over to using birch plywood in my art. I find that I can laser cut my desired shapes fairly easily and paint the pieces using acrylic paint. Learning about paint mixing has been really eye opening. I like being able to mix the exact color I want without relying on the limited palette of colored paper.

Totem cactus Misha Mars art

Laser cut and painted shapes based on the totem cactus.

Totem cactus
A totem cactus in the "wild" at Postino in Tucson.


  • I'm digging the colorful furniture and wall hangings by designer Mana Sazegara. I like that she's not afraid to use bright colors for home design instead of the usual beiges and grays. 
  • Even when the art world shifted away from abstract expressionism, Sonia Getchoff kept at it for nearly half a decade. I love her moody purples and reds in the painting Celestial Red

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