Back from Tulum

beaches of tulum

The Beaches of Tulum

I recently returned from a relaxing trip to Tulum, Mexico. The weather was hot and humid but there was always a breeze off the ocean and the water was so, so blue. Something I discovered down there was all of the colorful Mexican crafts. Especially alebrijes which are hand-carved wooden creatures with intricate designs painted on them. One day I want to visit Oaxaca to view them at their source.

Since I work from home, my life hasn't changed much with this whole virus thing going on. I'm staying home and trying to not freak out about the news. I'm keeping busy by designing a new backdrop for my craft booth using my cut paper technique. Movies, books, exercise, and taxes fill in the rest of the time.

Here's some stuff that's inspiring me lately:

  • This Bridget Riley book has some gorgeous photos of her colorful and geometric paintings over the years.
  • I've been interested in the intersection of western therapy and Buddhism for a while. The book Already Free was really eye-opening for me.
  • If you're interested in learning more about Buddhism, No-nonsense Buddhism for Beginners is a great place to start.
  • It turns out that we're really bad at predicting what makes us happy. Stumbling on Happiness explains why this is.
  • I caught Magda at Kremwerk the other week. It felt good to get out and dance for a while.
  • I'm loving Star Trek Discovery right now. It has that classic Star Trek formula but with more diverse characters and storylines. 
The basic cause of unnecessary suffering is wanting reality to be other than it is.
-Bruce Tift
Our perception of reality is a combination of what our eyes see with what we already think, feel, know, want, and believe.
-Daniel Gilbert

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