Life Advice from RuPaul

Giant R for RuPaul

I somewhat recently become a fan of RuPaul. Not just because of his Drag Race (although isn't the latest season so good? Miss Vanjie!) My fandom started after hearing him on Marc Maron's WTF a few years ago and I became enamored with his kindness and attitude toward life.

Recently I picked up his book Workin' It! on Kindle and thought it had some good life advice about reaching your goals. I wish the book was longer and went into more depth but it was a quick fun read and here are a few tips I picked up along the way.  

Negativity is laziness

Saying negative things about other people is your self-loathing coming to the surface. When you find fault with other people, it's usually what's bothering you about yourself. And when other people say negative things about you, remind yourself that it's not about you; it's about them. Or as Ru puts it,

What other people think about me is none of my business.

Reinvent yourself every 7 years

Most of the time you need to create opportunities for yourself. And when they arise, you need to be ready for them. Sometimes that means reinventing yourself. It could be changing up your look, making changes with who you associate with, or starting a new business. The important thing is to keep improving and looking for new opportunities. If something isn't working, change it!

Kindness is the new cool

It takes a lot of work keep up a facade of aloofness and boredom. Keeping up that facade is exhausting and you'll never deal with the scared child inside. It's much more evolved to embrace kindness and optimism. 

Stick-with-it to make it

Ru started out with a lot of other star hopefuls but what set him apart was his ability to stick with it and roll up his sleeves and work hard. Most stars don't step on people to get to the top, they step over people. Most people are foiled by their own inner demons and they end up sabotaging themselves. 

Don't take life too seriously

The most important advice Ru got was from his tenth grade drama teacher was to "not to take life too fucking seriously." The advice was lost on him then, but now it's his mantra. Don't get pulled into other people's drama. Take a step back and asses a situation before acting. Choose joy.