Designing handmade notebooks

three geometric notebooks

creating a crease with a bone folderAfter pulling my first print, I thought I would create some notebooks. Here I'm adding a crease with a bone folder so the card stock will fold nicely.

folding papers with a bond folderI also folded about 10 pages of copier paper to go inside the notebook.

stapling a notebookI picked up a saddle stapler for not too much money. It makes stapling the notebook together super easy.

cutting notebooks with a paper cutterNext I used my handy HFS paper cutter to trim off the sides. I tried a few paper cutters and trimmers before getting this one. Rotary and guillotine cutters can't cleanly cut through multiple pages at once. This cutter can cut a phone book in half like buttah.

using a corner rounderThis is my Akiles Diamond corner rounder. I tried a few craft corner rounders but they could only cut one sheet a time. This one can do multiple sheets at once. It does take some finagling with the alignment and pushing the paper into the cutter as you cut to get a clean cut. 

three geometric notebooksAnd here's the final result. All in all it took me about a week trying out different cutting methods to get a nicely cut and rounded notebook. I'm planning on doing a 3-color notebook design next so stay tuned!