30-Day Design Challenge—Day 15

The garage remodel is coming along slowly and should be done by the end of the month. Meanwhile, I've been keeping myself busy with a 30-day challenge to see if I can produce 30 completely different designs using the Processing programming language, the Hype framework, and a little Illustrator tweaking. I've been posting these on Instagram but I thought I'd post them all here with a bit more narrative. 

This is my most recent design. I took some photos of an old tree while hiking along the Old Sauk river near Darrington, WA. I chopped up the tree photo to make the circles and the the Processing sketch is in the background to act as a digital complement. 

This sketch was created because I wanted to work with shapes that had an odd number of sides. I settled on heptagons (7-sided polygons). I like how they create different shapes depending on how you stack them together. I took the leafy photo while walking on a nature trail near my house. I've been experimenting with bokeh with my new 50mm lens.

This is my first nature vs. computer sketch and is one of my favorites. I was inspired by Sol LeWitt's open cube project and well, I like lichen. :)

Up to this point I was just taking the same shapes and repeating them on a grid. This is my first attempt at taking two completely different designs and layering them on top of each other. 

This sketch got a lot of likes for some reason. It's pretty simple. Just a bunch of stacked lines with a random color pattern. I do like the red and green color palette though. 

This sketch reminds me of Pacman ghosts.

I was looking at a lot of 60s modern art before I did this one. 

I accidentally made this on Pi day. I like how there is a trippy foreground/background effect going on. 

When I first started to do these sketches I was working off of hand drawings and trying to keep a more human feel to them. I may return to this idea but I sort of like my geometry to be perfect and the artistry to be in another form. 

This is one of my first attempts at animating a sketch. I'm just flipping the colors on the letters. It reminds me of a neon sign flickering on and off. 

This is where I start taking the grid more seriously. These shapes are similar to stitches you might find on an embroidery grid. 

The colors for this sketch were stolen from a photo of a woman in a red bathing suit in a pool.

More wonkiness in the form of lines creating new shapes. 

This was my first sketch. Wonky circles forever.